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The word “RADICAL” is often imbued with negative connotation, and you can’t blame those who are uncomfortable with this three-syllable word. But we want to begin to reclaim it because #JesusChrist was a radical in all he preached and accomplished. Likewise, we have to be radical in our faith. No, residing in the ‘Radical Middle” does not mean being staunchly indifferent and passive to the matters that plague our world. Rather, it means being radical enough in our faith in Christ so that navigating those traditionally unapproachable topics, within the Church, become approachable. This is what we want to accomplish with “The Radical Middle,”


While it’s a fun and light-hearted show, it is also challenging and provocative. It gets in the dirty, messy spaces of tension that the Church tends to turn a blind eye to. But here’s the thing, Christ calls into us these spaces. Maybe you have realized in your journey that there is much more nuance to the world and to following Christ, that things are not always either/or but both. That’s an odd feeling to navigate, but this space is for you. I invite you to jump into the Radical Middle friends... Enjoy!

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